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Acquire a comprehensive set of capabilities for a well-rounded expertise in physical penetration testing.


Master the initial phase of security assessments by defining client intent, objectives, off-limit actions, and deliverables for targeted, efficient, and legally compliant engagements.

Remote Reconnaissance

Develop skills to remotely profile facilities, laying the groundwork for a seamless and evasive breach while minimizing exposure.

On-site Surveillance

Capture essential information for operational decisions using efficient methods without excessive equipment to minimize exposure.

Threat Profiling

Prioritize attack paths within scope, choosing the path with the least resistance and highest likelihood of success aligned with client goals.

Badge Cloning

Focus on practical tactics to replicate corporate access control cards without detection, emphasizing hands-on learning over theoretical knowledge.

Surreptitious Entry

Learn sensor or mechanical lock bypass techniques to enter and navigate spaces discreetly with limited exposure.


During training, we equip you with custom gear that's not just advanced but perfectly aligned with real-world physical penetration testing.


The Physical Exploitation & Access Kit (PEAK) has been carefully crafted to contain the most used gear without all the gimmicks, junk, and novelties.

Custom Badge Readers

We’ve developed the firmware, and now we’re releasing the hardware.

Custom Engineering

If you have a unique requirement, we have you covered!



Designed to equip you with everything needed to sell and execute physical security assessments. Focused on practical knowledge necessary for a successful first solo assessment - No fluff or theoretical scenarios!

Real-World Labs

Get out of the classroom and hit downtown in real-world training scenarios.

Role Players

Get upfront and uncomfortable as you attempt to surveil and exploit our trained role players.


Perform a live facility breach on a real company! It doesn’t get any more realistic

Real-World Labs


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